Priscila Nagalli – Director at Actualize Consulting | Episode 126

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Today we are joined by Priscila Nigalli. She is the Director in Actualize Consulting. What we’re talking about today is the health check around your treasury management system. I wasn’t aware of this before but it was such a great discussion with Priscilla, she’s a guru on this. I hope you enjoy today’s discussion around health checks for your treasury management system with Priscilla.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Priscilla’s background
  • Her advice to people wanting to get to consulting space
  • Small differences between culture, big things in terms of the work environment
  • What is the health check within the treasury management system
  • Common inefficiencies and how to identify them
  • Best practices and processes around TMS
  • The benefit of getting an advisor
  • How to make sure the TMS and staff are prepared in cyber fraud and phishing threats

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