Simon Lynch & Treasury Talent Story | Episode 81

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Today on the podcast I have decided to do an episode on Treasury Talent and the story behind it.

I thought I would spend a bit of time giving a bit of a background on the business and how it came about.

On the episode:

  • I started my career studying commerce and business, from there I moved into accounting before realising it was not the area that I was suited to. I then moved into recruiting.
  • After starting a family I decided that I wanted to start my own business so that I could work around my family.
  • I began working as a specialist in the area of recruiting in the treasury space.
  • After working in the Australian and Asian countries I decided to branch into the US. It took around 3 years to set up the US side of the business and it is now successfully set up along the East Coast.
  • I wanted a business and a model that focused on a niche market and be able to provide the market with the information they needed and help professionals to find the right people for their businesses.
  • The key difference with talent pooling is that we are speaking with people, finding out what they want and then approach the clients that would benefit from these people. It is a more direct approach by putting the right people in contact for the position.
  • We are able to provide analytics by demographic and geographic areas.
  • We work alongside the internal recruiting team so that you are able to see a range of different candidates from both us and the internal recruiting team.
  • Our aim is not only to find the right person but also to save you time in the long run by using our processes to find the right fit. It is a long-term game.

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