Sroothi Jaikumar – Vice President, Valuations at Capital Group | Episode 110

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Today I am joined by Sroothi Jaikumar who’s with Capital Group. I want to get Sroothi on to chat because when I first met her, she was a fascinating person to chat to. I want to get her on to get the perspective in the marketplace.

In this episode:

  • How did Sroothi come to treasury and what made her choose it as a career
  • The highlights of her career
  • How treasury change across working in different industries in Sroothi’s experience
  • Best piece of advice she wish she had been told back when she’s starting her career
  • What she looks for people when recruiting
  • Approach and advice about networking
  • Sroothi’s mentors
  • What makes a successful treasury in the eyes of the executives
  • How Sroothi see the role of treasury changing in the next couple of years

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