Thomas Otendal – Group Treasurer at Saxo Bank | Episode 174

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I have Thomas Otendal, the Group Treasurer at Saxo Bank. Saxo started as an online trading and investment platform and subsequently got banking lessons. They are a global business in 40 countries and Thomas was brought in to set up treasury from scratch. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • How Thomas got into the treasury
  • The contrast and comparison in culture and industry between postal service vs. financial service
  • The journey and the exciting things he’s doing in Saxo
  • His biggest achievements in his seven years in Saxo
  • His advice to others regarding his approach in setting up the treasury from scratch
  • The key things he looks for when hiring into his team
  • How he sees the role of treasury changing with technological advancement
  • How has networking been a part of his career
  • The mentors Thomas had
  • The one piece of advice he wishes he had known at 25
  • What he thinks makes a successful treasury in the eyes of the C-suite

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