Todd Williams – Group Treasurer at Australia Post | Episode 42

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Today on the podcast I saw down with Todd Williams and had a chance to learn about his career, achievements and what he thinks the market is going to do in the coming years. 

Todd is the current group Treasurer at Australia Post and has had a career that has included a lot of exciting times and achievements. 

On the episode:

  • I ask Todd about his career and how he came to be in treasury. 
  • We talk about the different companies that Todd has worked for throughout his career. 
  • Todd talks us through his position as group treasurer at Australia Post and what the position entails. 
  •  I ask Todd what his major challenges are that he has found whilst working at Australia Post. 
  • We talk about the team that Todd has within his treasury department and the types of people that he looks for when hiring.
  • I ask Todd what he thinks are his major achievements during his time at Australia Post. 
  • Todd talks about his time at Toll and the achievements that he recalls during that time. 
  • We talk about the different deals that Todd has been involved in and the relationships made to ensure they are successful. 
  • I ask Todd about the major changes that he has seen over the years in his Treasury career. 
  • I ask Todd what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO. 
  • We talk about the younger generation and feedback and advice that Todd has for them. 
  • I ask Todd what the first things are he looks for when hiring a new employee for his team. 
  • We talk about the importance of understanding risk factors and risk assessments. 

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