Todd Yoder – Global Treasury Head of Derivatives at Fluor | Episode 123

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My guest today is Todd Yoder. Todd is the Global Treasury Head of Derivatives, Hedging Capital Management and Technology Strategy for Fluor, a global engineering firm. The reason why I got Todd on the program today was Fluor was such a global business, they are in all the corners of the world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Todd came to treasury
  • The biggest challenges and differences in different industries
  • Making the move from accounting into banking then corporate treasury and his advice to others planning to make the move
  • Highlights of Todd’s career
  • Mentors’ part in his career
  • His approach and advice regarding networking
  • What he wishes he knew when he was starting his career
  • What Todd looks for when hiring
  • What makes a successful treasury in the eyes of the executives
  • How he sees the role changing in the next few years

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