Treasurer Capability & Placements

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We get many questions about our ability to deliver in the treasury space. The most common question we get from CFOs and other business leaders is whether or not we know the right Treasurer to lead their team. Well, here’s a brief snapshot of some of the Treasurer roles we’ve filled and some we are currently working on:

  • Arise Infrastructure Dubai, Treasurer ($400K-$450K)
  • GenesisCare Pty. Ltd., Treasurer ($350K-$400K)
  • Transurban, Treasurer ($300K-$350K)
  • Palo Alto Networks, Treasurer ($320K-$360K)
  • Olam International Singapore, Head of Funding ($320K-$350K)
  • Melbourne Airports (APAC), Treasurer ($300K-$350K)
  • Newcastle Coal Infrastructure, CFO/Treasurer ($300K-$350K)
  • Star Entertainment Group, Treasurer ($280K-$330K)
  • Toyota Financial Services, Treasurer ($280K-$320K)
  • Virgin Australia, Capital Markets Manager ($275K-$300K)
  • NSW Ports, Treasurer ($250K-$300K)
  • Gandel Group, Treasurer ($250K-$280K)
  • DBI (Dalrymple Bay Infrastructure), Treasurer ($250K-$280K)
  • Silverchef, Treasurer ($250K-$280K)
  • Quodo Bank, Treasurer ($250K-$280K)
  • University of Tasmania, Treasurer ($220K-$260K)
  • Incitec Pivot, Treasurer ($250K-$280K)

When you come to us with a need on your treasury team, we know what we are doing, and we have the track record to prove it. If you’re looking to hire a Treasurer, reach out to us today!

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