Treasury Tech: Chad Wekelo – Founder of Actualize | Episode 71

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On the podcast today I am chatting with Chad Wekelo from Actualize Consulting.

Chad is the Managing Director and is here to chat with us around the technology involved in treasury and the implementation processes.

He has a lot of experience in the different technology and gives us some great information.

On the Episode:

  • I ask Chad what the key factors are when deciding if you need a treasury management system.
  • Chad talks us through the different reasons why a business may need a management system. 
  • Chad talks about the return on investment when using a management system and the benefits.
  • I ask Chad about the modules included in the programs and how businesses can choose what is of need to them.
  • I ask Chad what the steps are involved once a business decides that their business would benefit from having access to different modules.
  • Chad talks about measurable objectives to ensure that the business is meeting their agendas.
  • We talk about timeframes and implementation.
  • I ask Chad about red flags that he sees that can cause concerns in the implementation process.
  • I ask Chad what the key benefits of a treasury management system.
  • Chad talks about post implementation benefits.
  • I ask Chad about the things that businesses need to consider and think about before implementation.
  • Chad talks about managing expectations and making changes in the business if needed.
  • I ask Chad about tips that he has for businesses using a treasury management system based on businesses that are already using it.

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