Treasury Talent U.S. Hiring & Recruiting Recap – January 2021

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A Quick Note From Simon Lynch:


Would you believe we’re almost halfway through the first quarter of 2021? The hiring activity we saw in the second half of 2020 has carried over into 2021. We couldn’t be more excited to see the market continue to trend upward. From an internal standpoint, January saw us build on initiatives from 2020, including Ask A Treasury Recruiter and our LinkedIn Live chats with practitioners. We’ve added to those chats by launching Ask A Treasurer!

We thank you for your continued support, and we are here to support you, whether you’re looking for your next treasury role or you’re looking to hire into your treasury team. If You’re on the fence about whether or not to work with Treasury Talent, here’s a recent testimonial from Fiona Crockett (CFO, Gandel Group) about the service we provided to her on a recent search.


Treasury Talent Career Essentials


Listen & Watch Here! The Treasury Talent Podcast is still humming along.  We’ve added to our arsenal by building content on our YouTube channel, Treasury Talent TV. Between the podcast and YouTube, you’ll find everything from career stories to advice on your own treasury path from some of the best & brightest the treasury space has to offer. Here is our January recap:

  • Ask A Treasurer! Every Friday, Joe & Scotty are joined by some of the leading Treasurers in the space to answer questions about their careers, their leadership styles, their preferences in hiring, and they’ll take live questions from our audience! In January, we were joined by Zeeshan Naqvi (VP & Treasurer, Diebold Nixdorf), Christian Bauwens (SVP & Treasurer, Flex), and Yang Xu (SVP Global Finance & Group Treasurer, The Kraft Heinz Company).
  • The Treasury Talent Podcast: January’s conversations included a 2020 recap and expectations for 2021, interviewing tips for practitioners, a CFO Perspective from Jawad Ahsan (CFO, Axon), and a conversation with The Treasury Whisperer, Seth Marlowe. Tune in weekly to hear stories and insight from some of the best in the industry!
  • LINKEDIN LIVE CHAT WITH BEN SEE: We had a lovely chat with Ben See about his career, his experience working in conflict zones, and creative problem-solving. This is a must-listen for any practitioner who wants to learn about being resourceful and leveraging your network.
  • ASK A TREASURY RECRUITER: Have you ever wanted to sit down with a recruiter to learn about their views of the industry and pick their brain about your job search? Every Monday, Scotty & Joe host Ask A Treasury Recruiter!


January 2021 U.S. Jobs Recap

January 2021 Jobs Data in The U.S.:

The 4th quarter of 2020 saw an above-average number of treasury job advertisements. Did this trend continue in January 2021? Let’s dig deeper:

  • January 2021: 48.65% above benchmark* (44.5% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
    • 83.6% increase over the number of advertised jobs in 2020.
*Benchmark is the average number of jobs advertised per month over the course of 2020

Position Breakdown:

Here’s how advertised positions were broken down in January 2021.

  • Treasury Accountant: 2.6% of jobs (35.0% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Treasury Analyst: 45.1% of jobs (41.5% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Treasury Manager: 22.5% of jobs (50.6% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Treasury Director: 8.9% of jobs (42.0% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Assistant Treasurer: 1.9% of jobs (33.3% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Treasurer: 4.9% of jobs (50.0% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Consultants: 2.5% of jobs (26.3% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Financial Services/non-traditional Treasury title: 2.7% of jobs (66.7% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • SAP: 1.7% of jobs (46.2% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Implementation & Technology: 5.0% of jobs (25.6% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Sales & Business Development: 2.07% of jobs (100%* of jobs new/not previously advertised).


*January 2021 marks our first month tracking this data


Busiest Markets:

Here’s a brief overview of the top 3 markets that had the most hiring activity/Treasury needs in January 2021:

  • California: 12.2% of total jobs advertised (39.4% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • Texas: 6.7% of total jobs (48.1% of jobs new/not previously advertised)
  • New York: 6.1 % of total jobs (42.6% of jobs new/new previously advertised)


 So, What Does It All Mean? Quick-Hitters:


Here is what we see in the data:

  • Hiring at Analyst & Manager levels remains competitive: As the entry points into the profession, they make up 67.6% of advertised jobs (55.4% of these are re-advertised). If you have a need at these levels, be prepared to compete because your target audience has options.
  • Hiring at Senior-levels (Director + above) remains competitive for job seekers. These jobs account for 15.7% of advertised jobs in January and are staying open longer (56.6% of the roles advertised at these levels were previously advertised). Companies have more options to choose from at these levels, but they seem to be taking their time in making decisions.
  • Analysis: Open jobs in January 2021 added to the momentum gained in the second half of 2020. We continue to see the trend of new jobs make up less-than-half of the total number of advertised jobs. This tells us in general, treasury jobs continue to go un-filled month-after-month. We know there is a finite candidate pool within treasury. A continued upward trend in new job openings combined with the increased number of aging openings means that hiring will continue to be competitive for companies looking to hire treasury talent, especially at the Analyst and Manager levels.


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